Sony PC Companion Screenshot

Sony Xperia PC Companion

PC Companion is a collection of tools and applications you can use when you connect your device to a computer. PC Companion contains Xperia...

Winbond Hardware Doctor 2.0

Winbond Hardware Doctor 2.0 is a self-diagnostic system for Winbond/Intel W83781D IC series motherboards. According to the developers, it will 'protect your hardware...
PeaZip Logo


PeaZip is an Open Source file archiver, a free alternative to other sofware for both Windows and Linux. It supports over 180 archive types...
M4P Converter Logo

Easy M4P Converter

This M4P Converter is a free software and helps you to do a lot of things on your machine. Amongst them it lets you...

Windows XP RAW Image Viewer and Thumbnailer

As the name suggests, the free Windows XP RAW Image Viewer and Thumbnailer lets you view Raw images natively from within XP. Here is...
Photo Story 3 Logo

Photo Story 3

Photo Story is a free graphics program from Microsoft that lets you:Create slideshows using your digital photos. With a single click, you can...
Adobe Reader X

Adobe Acrobat Reader X (version 10 full standalone installation)

Adobe's Acrobat Reader 10 (Acrobat Reader X) is the latest release of this PDF viewing tool. It lets you view, print, search and share...
Kodak Logo

Kodak EasyShare 7

Kodak EasyShare 7 is a collection of software and drivers for Kodak EasyShare cameras. This update can be used as a new installation or...

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2.0

The Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2.0 lets you edit key meta-data in digital photographs. Okay, not everyone knows what this means, so here is...
Flappy Bird Logo

Floppy Bird Pro for Android

The gameplay is very similar to the hightly addictive and popular Flappy Bird, however this one has different graphics.