What is Dashlane? Dashlane is an app that lets you keep track of your password on any platform.

If you use many online accounts to complete various services, you have to protect them using strong passwords. With a lot of services now available via the web, there’s quite a lot of passwords to remember.

According to NordPass research, the average person is juggling a whopping 100 passwords across many different sites and services.

Security specialists advise the use of password managers to safeguard one’s data. Password managers generate and retrieve complex passwords, storing them in an encoded database or computing them on demand.

One of the most reliable password managers in the market right now is Dashlane. It’s an app that will supply all your passwords, personal information, and payments wherever needed, anywhere on the web, on any device.

What security features does Dashlane have?

A lot of Dashlane users say they feel 100 percent secure online with Dashlane because it provides security features that are not easy to breach. These include:

  • A military-grade encryption system: The app stores passwords using a 256-bit AES encryption that is practically unhackable. You also get 1 GB encrypted storage to keep and share data with fellow Dashlane enthusiasts.
  • One-way encryption such that personnel at Dashlane can’t access your data. That also means you should never lose your master password.
  • Multi-factor authentication so you can get into your accounts using a master password, a TOTP (temporary one-time password), a USB device, or biometrics.

A detailed look at Dashlane

Dashlane is lauded because it is safe, user-friendly, and includes fantastic bonus features to make your online activities a breeze. Some of the bonus features that come with the Dashlane password manager app include:

One-click password changer

Forget manually going through all your accounts to change weak passwords; as you set up Dashlane on your system, the password changer retrieves all your existing passwords, ranking them by strength, and also lets you know the security problems with each of them.

Then with just a single click, the app lets you update your password. Specifically, the app’s One-Click Password Changer feature automatically updates passwords on over 300 sites.

A fantastic user-interface

Dashlane is easy to use. Its user-friendliness comes from its interface that has been designed to simplify password management. It is easy to generate passwords, autofill, and share stored data with fellow Dashlane users.

Multiple VPNs for safe internet browsing

Dashlane provides unlimited VPNs. Indeed, it’s the only password manager that provides users with VPNs. VPNs redirect the user’s internet traffic through secure protocols.

You can use VPNs to access websites and streaming content not allowed in your region. You can also use it to keep your browsing activity secure when using public Wi-Fi.

Dashlane VPNs are fast compared to other VPNs. When using a VPN, you can expect your internet speed to slow down considerably, but with Dashlane VPNs, your internet won’t become too slow. You will still be able to browse and stream at fantastic internet speeds.

Emergency contacts

Just like other top password managers, Dashlane, too, allows both premium and free users to register confidential people as their Emergency Contacts. That means that if you cannot access the app, your emergency contact can do it for you. They can get into your account and retrieve your passwords and confidential documents.

Ability to store receipts

Dashlane makes it relatively easy to monitor your expenditures. The app provides a receipt feature to organize and securely store your receipts, but you have to input the details yourself.

The receipt feature is useful for regular consumers and self-employed users alike.

Dark web monitoring and alerts to data breaches

Wouldn’t you like to be notified when someone is attempting to break into your account or selling your information online? Dashlane, in partnership with SpyCloud, scans the dark web often to check if someone is selling your information there. The app will also send a notification in case a hacker tries to break into your account.

The app also uses 2-factor-authentication (2FA) to make your accounts more secure. 2FA works such that every time you attempt to log in, the app sends you a one-time password. You will receive it on your mobile device.

Affordable plans

Dashlane provides various plans and pricing options to suit the needs of various users. You can choose any of the following plans:

  • Dashlane Free to store a max of 50 passwords. It includes security alerts, password changer. Emergency contacts but doesn’t provide VPNs and an extra 1 GB storage.
  • Dashlane Premium, which includes all the features mentioned above plus priority support. Enjoy advanced multi-factor authentication and VPNs with infinite data.
  • Dashlane Premium Plus for US users only.
  • Dashlane Premium Family includes all premium features plus 5 extra licenses, a family-run dashboard, and individual private accounts.

In retrospect, depending on your online activities and budget, there’s a Dashlane password manager plan for you. Dashlane is easy to set up and use.

It installs in your devices as a browser extension, and you can get to creating an account, choosing a master password, getting the windows and or mobile application, importing your existing passwords, setting up dark web scanning, etc.

The only caveat is the app doesn’t have a support forum, where you can talk about the app with other users. Still, the customer support is excellent; you can fire them an email or live chat with the technicians. It’s a fantastic, easy-to-use app, even if you are not familiar with password managers. Give it a try and find out for yourself!

Dashlane Q&A

What is Dashlane?
Dashlane is a password manager solution, a useful tool that allows users to generate difficult passwords, store them and use them whenever needed. Dashlane password manager is available on all devices; desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Is Dashlane Safe?
Dashlane app uses 256-bit AES encryption that provides all the protection needed for it to be considered safe.

How much does Dashlane cost?
Dashlane offers different plans