AI Roboform 7.1.8 (free version)


AI Roboform 7 is a password manager and security assistant for Web pages. As you visit more pages across the Web, they continually ask for user IDs, passwords, e-mail addresses and other information. Keeping track of all this can become a problem and some people end up using the same password and user IDs for all sites. The trouble is that this can create a security problem. If someone finds out this combination, then they can get access to all your accounts. On a less sinister note, filling out forms is tedious and Internet Explorer’s AutoComplete has its problems. Many times it retains information you don’t want, and then it seems to forget certain entries (this is due to a quirk with the way fields are labelled on sites).

RoboForm takes care of these problems by securely storing and managing the information for you. It is less than 6MB to download and best of all, there is a free version for non-profit/personal use (there is no adware or spyware). It also allows to easily view, edit, copy, rename and delete your passwords in one simple location. When you first install Roboform, it will have all the features of Pro available for 30 days, it will then become the free light version. RoboForm has an option to upgrade to the Pro version, but try the free version first – it may have everything you need.




Windows 2000/XP/Vista/windows 7

DOWNLOAD AI Roboform 7.1.8 (free version)