Why you should install smartphone updates as soon as possible

Man on Smartphone

One of the most widespread annoyances among smartphone users (i.e., most of us) is having to constantly install updates. It sometimes seems like you are continually getting notifications telling you that a new security patch or app update is ready and that you need to stop what you’re doing and download it. In most cases, your phone will need to reboot for the update to take effect.

These notifications never seem to come at a convenient time, and many people simply ignore them. You tell yourself that you’ll update your phone later when you’re not so busy. But it’s a sign of the times that you seem to be constantly on the go and that your smartphone is essential to your busy digital lifestyle. Consequently, there is never a good time to download and install updates.

Keep your phone functioning

The fact is, however, that these updates are crucial to keeping your phone working properly. You may think that it’s fine as it is and that you don’t need any improvements, or at least that any upgrades just aren’t worth the hassle right now. But devices and software age just like anything else, and if they’re not updated regularly, they’ll start to malfunction, behave oddly, or even stop working altogether.

Stay compatible

Updates are necessary to keep your phone compatible with the latest apps, from new slot games to weather and traffic alerts or online payment portals. Even if an update doesn’t give you anything new, it can still fix bugs and improve your user experience. Without updates, your phone’s operating system and its apps will degrade, and the number of bugs will increase.

Stay secure

The most critical updates are security patches. These are developed and offered when a ‘hole’ is detected in the coding of an app or your phone’s OS, and an update is created to fix it with a ‘patch.’ Until the update is downloaded and installed, your phone is vulnerable to data breaches and cyber-attacks, including identity theft, fraud and other forms of hacking. Criminals may be able to take control of your phone access your personal information and even your bank accounts.

Update now

If you’ve been putting off installing updates, check your phone’s settings to see if you’ve missed anything, and get up to date as soon as possible. Make sure your phone is at least 70% charged or plugged in before installing. Your existing files shouldn’t be affected, but it might be worthwhile making a backup first, just in case.

Afterwards, check that the updates haven’t altered your settings, especially those related to wi-fi and privacy. This can be annoying and time-consuming, but it’s worth it. While you’re at it, delete any apps you no longer use. That should improve your phone’s battery life, security, and efficiency.

Operating systems like Android and iOS keep your smartphone functioning. If they’re not updated when necessary, then they’ll stop being able to do their job correctly. Your hardware, software, and interfaces will become less usable. If you think installing updates and rebooting your phone is annoying, just wait and see what happens if you don’t.