Top Educational Apps for Your Phone

Top Educational Apps for Your Phone

Human beings are naturally curious. And with the invention of the Internet, now everyone has access to unlimited knowledge at their fingertips. Free online libraries, educational videos, write my paper tutorials, documentaries, scientific publications, and even educational games and apps. All you need is a wi-fi connection and a computer to start learning something new. When there is no time to spend it at the computer, but you want to learn, your smartphone will help out. Below, we will list some of the best apps for mobile learning, from management, writing services to IT, so continue reading.

The insane rhythm of modern life dictates its own laws, and often the only free time is in transport or driving a car, and the most affordable way to get some information is a smartphone. If at the same time, you do not give up and try to devote every minute to self-development, then your choice is training through a mobile application. We have selected 8 of the most useful programs for your smartphone with courses on any topic. Many of them can be listened to for free; sometimes, you can even get a certificate.

So, let’s take a closer look at the best apps available for learning online.

1. Udemy: Online Courses

This is one of the most popular applications, offering a huge variety of courses – about 80 thousand. The disciplines here are very different: programming languages, such as Python or Java, to training in personal growth and self-development, design, drawing, yoga, and blogging. In addition, both paid and free courses are offered, with access to the materials granted forever. In addition, there is excellent language support; courses are held in over 50 languages. The cost is 9,99 USD per month.

2. Coursera: Online Courses

The well-known Coursera is no less popular. Here you will find more than 2 thousand courses, about 140 universities from different countries of the world, including Russia. You can participate in the project, watch lectures online and download them to view later offline. The application itself is free of charge; however, to receive a certificate of the discipline you have listened to, you will have to pay.

3. Mimo: Learn to Program

This application has long earned fame among programmers, as it easily fits into any, even the most hectic schedule. Here you can learn the basics of programming in languages such as Python, Kotlin, Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Java, C #, C ++, Ruby, Git, command line language, etc., and, of course, learn how to create applications of various types. In addition, there is a convenient system for tracking your own progress, which introduces an element of gamification into your studies.

4. Online Lessons From Skillshare

This application offers over 25 thousand workshops in various creative disciplines. This includes drawing, calligraphy, various types of design, photography, illustration, social media marketing, various efficiency gains, playing various musical instruments, and even accounting. The free trial period is 1 month, then the service is to be paid for.

5. Khan Academy

The completely free and very rich application offers over 10 thousand videos and lectures. The materials cover mathematics, science, economics, history, and many other disciplines. In addition, practical material is abundantly presented: interactive tests have been compiled, in which there are both step-by-step tips and the ability to communicate with the lecturer. You can study with this program online and offline, which, of course, is quite convenient. The platform has its’ disadvantages, but if you speak English, this is an excellent application.

6. TED

This is an application with lecture material from TED conferences. The program includes more than 2 thousand lectures on various topics, mainly devoted to disseminating innovative scientific ideas. The best videos of the web resource with subtitles in 100 languages of the world (including Russian) are available here completely free of charge, there is online streaming of the radio of the same name, all video and audio materials are available for download, and in addition, you can create your own playlists.

7. Stepik: Free Courses

Beloved by Russian users, in particular, Stepik is a platform with free online courses. Here you can find lectures and training on programming, mathematics, physics, biology and bioinformatics, statistics, etc. The application features include watching video lectures, solving tasks, synchronizing with the calendar, setting reminders, communicating with lecturers and classmates, and, of course, autonomous work.

8. edX eLearning: Courses From Harvard

The application is a mirror of one of the oldest resources in the field of e-learning. It allows you to get an almost complete education in any field, and if you wish, it can be confirmed by a corresponding certificate. The cost of such a document is not very small, but it is worth it. The courses presented here relate to computer science, web development, engineering, business management, arts, linguistics, politics, mathematics, and more.

In conclusion, it is fair to say that the Internet opens many new possibilities to learn and develop as on a personal and professional level. Knowledge is strength, and it is not to be underestimated. Just pick a subject you’re most interested in, download one of the before-mentioned apps, and start learning! What are you waiting for?