6 Practical Ways to Market Your Online Course


Creating an online course is an excellent way of sharing knowledge while earning money from it and connecting with customers. Online courses have become very popular over the years as people expand their knowledge in their areas of interest.

Statistics show that e-learning will only continue to grow as it is expected to nearly triple from $107 billion in 2015 to $325 billion in 2025. The Internet offers many free resources, but people are not afraid to spend their money as long as they believe they will gain value. For instance, students tend to order essay online from EssayHub writing essays service despite numerous samples and tips that can be easily found online. Yet, the second option takes more time, and time is a valuable asset today.

It is vital to do some research before creating an online course to establish demand. The other important question is the price the students will have to pay for the course or “write my paper” services if there is a need. The price should reflect the worth of the offered information to prevent its undervalue or overvalue. Once the course is ready, it’s time to market it to ensure it reaches the intended audience. Let’s look at some practical ways to do it.

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Use Social Media to Promote the Course

If one has a social media account that does not reflect their area of expertise, they should consider cleaning it up and posting more of their work. If one already uses social media for business, posting about the course can be a great way of marketing it to the people who follow the page. However, one should be careful not to make the entire page about the course.

The best way to use social media is to create quality content that provides value such that when the course is released, the people want to buy it and gain more information. Setting a private Facebook group for one’s students can work perfectly as they can connect and tell other people about the course.

Start a Personal Blog

If one posts consistent content on a particular subject, starting a blog is a great idea. It is an excellent way of marketing products and services, and it does not require any funds as there are many free sites for opening blogs. The readers who love the blog and always come to get the information they consider valuable will buy the course to support the owner and gain more knowledge.

Launch a YouTube Channel or Podcast

Marketing an online course is not an easy task, and one has to get creative if they want to reach their target audience. One way of doing that is to start a YouTube channel or podcast and share information on one’s area of expertise. The information does not need to be in-depth but should still provide value.

Posting consistently allows you to grow a following, and these are potential customers who can buy the course once it’s launched. These platforms can help you reach new people every time there is a new post without paying for promotion.

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Use Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Facebook is a great platform to advertise different products and services as one can create ads that target a particular demographic. If there is enough interest in one’s subject, their online course can be perfect for conducting a Facebook ad campaign. This may require a budget, so it’s essential to consider setting some money apart for the campaign.

Google Ads is an excellent option when marketing an online course. One can compose ads including relevant keywords so that they appear first in the search results. Doing this can put one in front of millions of potential customers who can buy the course if it’s in their area of interest.

Offer a Discount or Give Away a Mini Version of the Course

People can be skeptical about buying online courses, so presenting a short free version can be a good marketing strategy. This gives the students an insight into what the course is about and convinces them to make a purchase. Offering a discount is also a great way of attracting customers. An option you can consider is giving a discount to the first round of students who can generate revenue for the business and provide testimonials.

Use Email Marketing

It is the most effective alternative when compared to affiliate marketing and social media. Making an email list can be beneficial as the information goes directly to the potential customer’s inbox. The number of people who use email is way more than those who use social media, so you can have a wider reach. Email marketing is also efficient because most of the people in your email list have shown interest in the content.

If one does not need the course, they can unsubscribe so that only the interested parties are left on the list. This makes it easy to write an email copy that drives sales, and you can add affiliate links to create more revenue.


Marketing an online course is just like promoting any other product or service. It is therefore essential to make an effort every day to ensure traffic is driven to the website.

Creating the right foundation by releasing excellent quality content on social media and other free platforms is vital. People are willing to spend money when they see the value they can gain from the course. Building a strong brand and engaging with your community can also help with marketing the course.