Black and White 2 1.2 patch


The Black and White 2 1.2 update patch contains performance enhancements, fixes and adjustments to balances in the gameplay. Important: you must install the 1.1 patch before this 1.2 patch (get the 1.1 update here). The Black and White 2 1.2 update patch includes the following:

  • Added: Lands 1-3 can be skipped by pressing ESC and making the relevant selection.
  • Added: A confirmation screen for when you change graphics resolution.
  • Added: Extra optimisations to utilise ATI’s latest GPUs. In our test cases, we found an increase of about 27% on an X850 XT, and about 24% on a 9800 Pro.
  • Added: The game now supports having no audio.
  • Added: Holding down the modifier key (default “/”) while placing buildings will keep the draggable building template in your hand.
  • Added: Missing text to the Build Menu’s tool tip for Hurricane.
  • Added: An in-game low battery warning for laptop computers.
  • Changed: Street lights are now visible from further away.
  • Changed: Improved the way that the game auto-detects graphics cards.
  • Changed: Improved Land 5's navigation map, to stop platoons running between one of the walls and a mountain.
  • Fixed: The Land 1 pitching, rotating and zooming tutorials are now automatically skipped if you don't have a middle mouse button. Keyboard commands are still available to replace the Middle Mouse Button for movement.
  • Fixed: The Heartbeat sound has been removed.
  • Fixed: A crash that would occur from ending a profile name with a space.
  • Fixed: Removing USB headphones during gameplay will no longer cause the game to hang.
  • Fixed: A crash when dragging a wall template to another wall tower, while it was being deleted.
  • Fixed: The Good Advisor blocking the Land 1 tutorial videos.
  • Fixed: An issue with Land 7's Monster Mine challenge, where it couldn't always be completed.
  • Fixed: An audio issue regarding save/load and skipping Wonder cut scenes.
  • Fixed: A problem where archers would navigate poorly when firing at a target a lot lower than them.
  • Fixed: A rare crash that occurred when a road blueprint rapidly changes height while creating a new spline point.
  • Fixed: A hang that would occur on Land 3 if the Creature Teach menu is used to prematurely teach your creature whether to eat or not, during the Creature Tutorial.





Black and White 2 1.2 (full version)


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