Age of Empires 3 update 1.12 (includes The Unknown map)


The Microsoft Age of Empires 3 update 1.12 will fix the following bugs in the game:

  • Support for Windows Vista with fixes for various capability issues.
  • Added a new random map, The Unknown.
  • Added ability to see if a friend on ESO is playing a game.
  • After each game players will now be granted bonus experience, meaning all Home Cities will now level up faster.
  • Players on your pest list will not be able to join your game if you are the host.
  • The experience requirement to level up Home Cities that are level 100 or higher has decreased.
  • New avatars available on ESO.
  • Moderators now have blue chat in chat channels.
  • Added Power Rating to ESO.
  • Added Stand ground to the game.
  • Attack move button and hotkey added.
  • Hispaniola, a new random map has been added.
  • Recorded game playback improved significantly.
  • Added Option for minimized multiplayer chat.
  • Added games list filtering options.
  • Added Option to save games list filter settings.
  • Refresh/Resume buttons added.
  • Exploit fixes.
  • Numerous balance changes.
  • Fixed an issue where a game would be cancelled and all players given a 'Failed to join' message when two routers that could not communicate joined the same game.
  • New hotkey editor added to the game.
  • New large map set.
  • Five new large versions of popular maps have been added.
  • Fixed a sound crash issue.
  • Fixed a bug with sound being choppy.
  • Fixed some performance issues with boat battles.
  • Fixed a D3D initialization error when launching the game.
  • Sound effects (and sometimes music) stopped playing.
  • Tweaks to movement code to improve the responsiveness of units.
  • Changed formations so that unit types keep their setting even when grouped with different types.
  • Postgame screen that allowed players' names to be edited.
  • All players would hear the selection sound for HC cards played.
  • ESO connection problem dialog box wouldn't close.
  • Command manager caused slow performance when CPAIs were in the game.





Age of Empires 3 (full version) running on Windows, including Windows Vista.


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