What to do in the World of Warcraft besides leveling


Many players perceive the MMO RPG World of Warcraft too straightforward – they simply enter the world of Azeroth and follow the quest system without introducing any of their own rules of the game, in which it would be comfortable to spend time and quickly lose interest in the game.

The reason for this is the little-changing gameplay, the rapid complication of obtaining levels and equipment, reduced damage and the need to carefully select and study your skills and builds.

It’s all because of the linear relationship to the World of Warcraft, and MMO RPGs are a completely different genre.

You need to use and squeeze out all the features and activities of the game in order to spend time the way you want and grow as a player in your industry. You can buy wow gold SkyCoach and fix the situation, or pay attention to activities and PVP.

What to do in the World of Warcraft to diversify your gameplay

World of Warcraft stands out from the competition due to the large number of activities and opportunities that you can pay attention to without losing the main progress.

You can do:

  • Farm monsters
  • PVP
  • Raids
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Archeology
  • Profession system
World of Warcraft Monster

Farm monsters

You should not take quests as the only and mandatory source of experience. Of course, this is the most practical option for gaining experience and progressing through the game, but it can be partially replaced by simple hunting for monsters.

The fact is that by destroying monsters you accumulate much more gold and valuable resources than just with the help of quests, but quests give faster progress at early levels – this should be remembered.

In addition to monsters, you can collect all kinds of resources that come across on your way – buy a carving knife and a pickaxe in any city – just in case.

A pickaxe will help to extract ore from rocks, and a knife is needed for skinning dead animals. All resources can be stored for future professions, or sold to artisans.

World of Warcraft Monster


PVP is what most players come to MMO RPGs for. You pump the character not only for personal pleasure, but also to find out who is the best on the server.

There is a whole system in World of Warcraft that not only creates the prospect of PVP in all places of Azeroth, but also encouragement for holding them and winning.

All thanks to the famous faction system and the uncompromising struggle between the Horde and the Alliance.

By choosing one of the parties, you forever become a part of it, and the representatives of the enemy faction are blood enemies for you.

For each victory over an enemy equal or superior in level to you, you will earn coins of valor. You can save them up and buy equivalent raid equipment, which will significantly increase your combat potential directly in battles.


Raids as an activity should become part of your farm or a complete replacement, since it is in the dungeons that the best options for equipment and weapons for your hero are obtained.

Raids in World of Warcraft Dragonflight have a lot of interesting and different mechanics and most of the bosses have unique behaviors, skills, strengths and weaknesses.

You need to collect or join a ready-made group and go to fight bosses of varying difficulty in order to earn experience and rare equipment that cannot be obtained in any other way.


If you want to radically take a break from farming and plunge into the relaxing world of fishing, but remember that all the previous rules of World of Warcraft remain in effect and you can be attacked by both representatives of the enemy faction and aggressive monsters that roam the area.

To begin with, you need a fishing rod – bait and other useful equipment you will receive already in the process of fishing.

Fishing will allow you to catch two types of fish:

  • Normal – suitable for cooking.
  • Special – used by artisans to grind into reagents.

You can take simple fish for leveling up the culinary arts, which is available to everyone regardless of the fullness of the slot for professions, and provide yourself with the development of cooking skills that will give a boost to you and everyone who tastes your food.

Reagents are best just sold to other players for extra gold, or set aside in case you are interested in alchemy or inscription in the future.


Cooking is a type of craft in which you learn how to cook food, and depending on the quality of the ingredients and general skills, the overall value of the dishes and the characteristics that it will increase depend.

It is not difficult to get ingredients of normal quality – you need to kill animals for meat and catch fish. From time to time, you will also come across higher quality consumables, which are guaranteed to affect the quality of the dish.

Experienced chefs can prepare banquets and treat many players at once, which is regularly used by large guilds and top groups before going to serious PVP and raids to improve performance in all possible ways, and a quality dish gives a buff for a long period of time.


Archeology is included in the list of optional, but available professions that everyone can learn, regardless of the availability of free slots for the craft.

It helps players get to know the world of Azeroth better and get unique achievements and rewards.

Finding excavation sites is not difficult – you just need to find the dig icon on the map and run there. Remember that, as in the whole world of Azeroth, you can always be attacked by representatives of the enemy faction, or aggressive monsters.

You will be able to unlock unique achievements for excavations.

Achievements are passive skills that are issued for non-obvious, or extremely valuable and complex actions in World of Warcraft. In addition to passive effects, these can also be mounts, or unique items.

Profession system

Professions are collective and creating.

Ideal if you combine them together to get a complete mining and production cycle.

  • If you are a mage – take tailoring and inscription to create magical equipment and a staff.
  • If Trickster (Archer, Rogue) Skinning and leatherworking will do to create light armor.
  • If warrior or tank, choose mining and blacksmithing to create plate armor and steel weapons.

A profession is the most interesting alternative to leveling.

You still have to farm, but you participate in the economic life of the server and gradually, with the growth of skills, you can even generate gold without leaving the city, simply by making orders to other players on the Dragon Island.