Rise of Nations patch 1.03


This latest patch for Rise of Nations features improved gameplay and fixes a number of bugs including the following:

Special notes

  • For some odd reason Rise of Nations Patch 3 may not install on the first attempt for Windows 98 or Me users. If you encounter this problem, run the patch a second time to install.
  • This patch upgrades all language versions to


  • Quickmatch feature added for multiplayer.
  • New Info DeathMatch option in Game Rules.
  • CtW added randomize Nation location and bonuses.
  • The ability to save and exit once a player drops.
  • Now able to save multiplayer games.
  • “slash” chat commands added to game setup screen.
  • Improved MOD support.
  • Backwards compatibility for recorded games.
  • Now able to manually assign external IP.
  • Support for playing custom scenarios in multiplayer.
  • Support for specifying a script with any game as part of custom rules.
Gameplay Changes and Balance Fixes
  • Moderate difficulty now easier.
  • Balance fix to Barks and Triremes.
  • Siege and supply can now garrison in forts and cities. All other ground military units may garrison in any military producing building.
  • Units more effective against units three or more ages below.
  • Transport ships no longer receive +2 speed bonus from military bonus.
  • Scout line more likely to attack spies.
  • Exploit fixed for Nubian buy/sell to gain wealth.
  • Fixed exploit of Supercollider allowing instant razing of buildings.
  • Players now have the ability to declare war on nations that have resigned, and thereby take control of resigned nations' land.
  • Mongols now get two free Horse Archers when building stables with two military techs, and three at three military techs.
  • Can't upgrade to Commandos until Industrial Age now.
  • Mayan reduced timber costs for buildings no longer applies to military buildings.
  • Nubian rare resource bonus applies only in their own territory and not that of their allies.
  • Romans now get +15 wealth per city instead of +10.
  • Mobile AA units have range increased.
  • Helicopter bonus vs. tanks has been reduced.
  • Koreans no longer get free Taxation.
Bug Fixes
  • Game performance improved for games running behind an ISA server.
  • User input delays due to lag have been reduced.
  • Game no longer crashes when a game is saved before patching, and loaded after.
  • Pathing issue fixed that caused citizens to ignore a build oil platform order.
  • Bug fixed that caused citizens to not work on oil platforms.
  • Fixed issue that caused incorrect number of players to be shown in a room.
  • Fixed exploit of units under building unable to be attacked.
  • Fixed bug that let you see garrison flags go up and down through the fog of war.
  • Cliffs now load properly from a saved game.
  • Warring states and Mediterranean moved to random sea map.
  • Fixed crash that occurred when loading a saved game from a tutorial.
  • Fixed hard lock occurring on skill tests.
  • Fixed various video card crashes.
  • Fixed bug that caused RISE.exe to not appear after reinstalling game.
  • Recorded games will playback correctly once RON has been patched.
  • Global Prosperity help text changed.
  • Fixed issue of helicopter guarding units.
  • "ForceStaticCursor" added to rise2.ini to fix issue with GDI cursors.
  • Fixed bug that caused buildings to auto-complete when bribed by enemy spies.
  • Removed a limit that prevented game event text and chat text from being shown after 1000 messages had been displayed.
  • Fix for crash occurring in CtW with an ATI Rage 128.
  • Fixed bug where players couldn't play bonus cards that they'd just purchased.
  • Loc issues fixed.
  • Script Log properly displays all script error messages.
  • Misc script editor fixes.
  • Fixed bug in get_starting_loc_x/get_starting_loc_y script functions.
  • Resolved Win98 end game achievements lock up.
  • Resolved player list scrolling bug in GameSpy lobby.
  • Resolved various menu lag issues in GameSpy lobbies.
  • Fixed potential crashes on launch into Gamespy games, Quick Battle, CtW, Editor.
  • Fixed crashes related to changing game resolution.
  • Resolved compatibility issues with GameSpy Arcade.
  • Fixed crash bug resulting from misplacing resources in scenario editor.
  • Fixed pressing Alt + Tab in the host machine during launch causing the clients to get stuck in the 'starting new game menu'.
  • Fixed the /away command.
  • Fixed the /whoami command.
  • Mouse pointer no longer flickers on the ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 and 9000.





Rise of Nations (running on Windows)


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