Photoshop 6.0.1 upgrade


This update improves functionality in Photoshop and fixes a number of bugs. Before applying the updater, reboot your PC and run the update. This patch includes the following fixes:

  • Image clipping paths in EPS and TIFF files saved from Photoshop 6.0.1 have been modified so that other software, such as QuarkXPress, is able to read them.
  • ImageReady is able to save and preview animations under constrained memory conditions.
  • There is no slow-down of performance when files in the Open Recent list are unavailable.
  • Batch file naming works correctly.
  • Export Paths to Illustrator retains path scaling.
  • Using certain tools (such as move, marquee, or lasso) after using the Open, Save, and Print commands no longer generates a Program Error dialog.
  • Selecting a single color in Color Range now works correctly.
  • Online help is accessible for more Web browser configurations.
  • New Japanese character map (CMap) files are included to resolve conflicts with ImageStyler 1.0 and PageMaker 6.5.2 Plus.
  • Memory usage is better on all Windows operating systems; the network should no longer become unavailable when Photoshop is running.
  • Showing and hiding edges for a selection no longer requires pressing Ctrl+H twice.
  • The painting tool brush picker has new usability improvements:
    • Enter brings up and dismisses the preset picker at the current mouse location.
    • Double-clicking a brush in the picker selects the brush and dismisses the picker.
    • The current brush is always highlighted in the preset picker.
    • The First Brush and Last Brush keyboard shortcuts work regardless of whether the current brush exactly matches a preset brush.




Windows 98/Me/NT/2000
Photoshop 6.0

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