Paint Shop Pro 10.02 update patch


Important: you must update Paint Shop Pro from 10.0 to 10.01 before applying this patch. In addition, another patch (10.03) has been released which will need to download and install after this one. Click the Graphics button on the left side of this page for the full listing. Paint Shop Pro 10 is also known as Paint Shop Pro X. According to Corel, the update features the following:

Support for additional Camera Raw formats:

  • Canon Kiss n
  • Nikon D50 and D70s
  • Konica-Minolta Maxxum7D/Dynax7D
  • Konica-Minolta Dynax5D

Browser Palette Improvements:

  • The Browser Palette will now mimic PSP9 behavior by minimizing after a file is opened (unless in PhotoStrip mode). It can be restored by pressing Ctrl + B, or by clicking the Browser Palette button in the Standard toolbar.
  • In the Browser Palette, you can now drag and drop thumbnails from the browser into folders in the file tree.
  • The Browser Palette now maintains sort order when Paint Shop Pro is closed and reopened.
  • Using Ctrl + A to select all thumbnails in the Browser Palette now works properly.
  • Custom brush tips now appear in the Browser palette.
General Improvements:
  • "Update Back to Animation Shop" is now available as an Unused Command that can be restored as a menu item using the Customize dialog.
  • Paint Shop Pro no longer freezes upon exiting when large amounts of data are on the clipboard.
  • After using the Spacebar to temporarily access the Pan Tool, Ctrl-key features (such as adding nodes with the Pen Tool) now work correctly.
  • Mask layers with partial opacity now work properly.
  • The Histogram Palette no longer has problems with layered 16-bit documents.
  • While using the Object Remover tool, the source location can now be rotated exactly 90 degrees.
  • Fixed a problem where double-clicking an image embedded in another application wasn't starting up Paint Shop Pro to let you edit the image.
  • The File > Export > Photo Sharing feature is now correctly linked for European users.
  • Text added several times to a path is now saved and displayed properly. Previously, only the initially added text remained after the files was saved and reopened.
  • Using the Flip command no longer causes certain files to not be saved properly.
  • In Windows 2000 on German systems, the application no longer crashes whenever browsing images in a folder having a name that starts with "Past."
File Format Improvements:
  • Copyright data added in the Image Information dialog is now correctly saved in TIFF or JPEG files.
  • Saving files as TIFF will no longer result in loss of the image resolution value.
  • Problems reading 16-bit multi-page TIFF files have been fixed.
  • When opening a Camera Raw image by double-clicking the file icon in Windows, the auto-rotate and Smart Photo Fix options now work.
  • Problems saving photos that were previously accessed using Nikon browser software have been fixed.
  • Fixed problems rendering transparency in .eps and .ai files.
  • Fixed a problem where saving a 16-bit/channel image as BMP required changing the image to paletted (256-color) mode.
  • Paint Shop Pro now correctly opens Windows Cursor (.cur) files.
  • Problems loading certain TGA files have been fixed.
  • PNG files now correctly list resolution values as PPCM (pixels per cm) instead of PPI (pixels per inch) when metric units are used.




Paint Shop Pro 10.01 (also called Paint Shop Pro X)

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