PhotoImpact 11 update patch (Build


This patch fixes a range of bugs in PhotoImpact 11 including the following issues:

  • Can’t install patch with error message “Can’t find PhotoImpact 11” while it is indeed installed.
  • Cannot use “Add to EasyPalette” feature in Duotone Effect dialog in Chinese version.
  • Cannot import workspace profile in German & French versions.
  • Crash when previewing in Straighten step of Scanned Image Fix wizard.
  • Crash upon entering Layer Manager Mask mode when document has two path objects with shadows in German and French versions.
  • Wacom tablet eraser function does not work.
  • File associations in Preferences do not work.
  • Crash when opening an image when Image Map Tool is in Mask Mode.
  • Painting tools cursor displays incorrectly at some Zoom levels.
  • Painting tools cursor hesitates at edge of images and disappears when moved outside of image onto gray document border.
  • Shadow is wrong when object is moved separately from Layer Mask.
  • Export "Packaging" of EasyPalette Galleries now functions correctly.
  • Cannot launch PhotoImpact 11 TC from Photo Explorer 8.6.
  • Some Chinese characters cannot be entered using the Windows Input Method Editor (IME).
  • Does not show Filters Unlimited preview correctly.
  • Objects with layer masks now display correctly when previewing in browser.
  • Height/width information for Minolta RAW files now displays correctly.
  • HDR slider performance enhanced.
  • Change default JPEG setting in Save for Mobile and Image Optimizer from Progressive to Standard for greater compatibility with mobile phones.
  • Support for WinXP X64.
Note: This download is for the full version of PhotoImpact 11 only (not the trial).




Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
PhotoImpact 11

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