PhotoImpact 10 update patch (Build


This patch fixes a range of bugs in PhotoImpact 10 including the following issues:

  • EasyPalette not displaying gallery name in the EasyPalette title bar.
  • Crash on printing to Acrobat Distiller.
  • Crash on selecting the eye-dropper from the add Photo Frame window.
  • Crash on selecting an EasyPalette “Style” thumbnail, right-clicking, and choosing “Modify properties and apply”.
  • The Image Optimizer requiring users to select the base image or an object before optimizing.
  • The inability to move image selections at over 100% zoom level.
  • The inability to save Paint Shop Pro tubes in the Stamp Tool.
  • The inability to launch PhotoImpact when the Windows username uses Chinese characters.
  • The inability to modify an object's properties using shortcut keys (Ctrl + Shift + Enter).
  • Garbage characters displayed in the Layer Manager's Merge mode under certain conditions.
  • Improves the speed for saving JPEG images.
  • Improves Text Input behavior, so that it mimics PhotoImpact XL.
  • Displays Path Height and Width when drawing a Path Object.
  • Adds tool tips to the following icons: Show/Hide Slice, Show/Hide Hot Spot, Show/Hide Mask and Show/Hide Ruler.
  • Adds a Browse Button to the Welcome Screen video tutorial link and a re-link button for those users that download the video tutorials from the Web.
  • Shows the Splash Screen on launch.
Note: This download is for the full version of PhotoImpact 10 only (not the trial).




Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
PhotoImpact 10

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