Paint Shop Pro Studio 1.01 update


This patch has benefits that improve the speed and performance of Paint Shop Pro Studio 1.0. Some of the enhancements include:

  • If Flash Player 7 or later was not installed, a non-specific error message appeared where a more specific message detailing the needed version should have appeared.
  • During installation, users specifying a Paint Shop Pro Studio resource file folder other than the default “My PSP Files” folder were reporting that the resources were still installing in the default folder and not their custom location.
  • The Fine Leather preview pane was not showing an accurate representation until the Proof button was clicked.
  • The Tiles effect was sometimes dropping lines between tiles, and displaying a noticeable difference between the preview and the resulting image.
  • Due to an issue with the automation OLE server in Microsoft Access 2003, integration with Microsoft Access wasn’t always work correctly. Additionally, when inserting a Paint Shop Pro Studio object into a Microsoft Word document, Paint Shop Pro Studio was closing automatically if no other document was open.
  • Vector objects with lines 2 pixels thick (and wider) were displaying with an extra pixel.
  • The Quick Guides in the Learning Center palette were presented in alphabetical order, but are now presented in a work-flow order. Additionally, a Quick Guide describing basic print layout usage was added.
  • An erroneous, abbreviated error message sometimes appeared when using the Hue/Saturation/Lightness dialog on a Windows ME computer.
  • Changing the filename case of some resources (such as Picture Tubes) wasn't being reflected in the visual resource pickers.
  • Changing a Gradient name via the Resource Manager dialog modified the gradient's thumbnail appearance in the drop-list.
  • EXIF data for Raw images from the same camera was varying depending on the presence of the image thumbnail.
  • When using the Image Browser, navigating folders with the arrow keys sometimes caused focus to jump to other folders.
  • In Windows Explorer, right-clicking an image file and attempting to open it with Paint Shop Pro Studio was not working.
  • In Windows Explorer, right-clicking a folder to "Browse with Paint Shop Pro Studio" wasn't functioning properly.
  • The Raw Camera Data dialog's zoom presets drop-list was improperly displaying the zooming options.




Paint Shop Pro Studio 1.0
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

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