PaintShop Pro 6.02 update


This patch includes bug fixes, some new features, greater compatibilty with Windows 2000 and digital cameras. It is a recommended download as many of the fixes, while minor, can greatly improve the overall performance of Paint Shop Pro 6. This patch cannot be applied to the demo versions of Paint Shop Pro 6 or Animation Shop 2. It includes all the fixes from the 6.01 patch and in addional 6.02 addresses the following:

  • Antialiasing of circular selections produces smoother edges.
  • The “Browse” button in the Custom Brush dialog box properly supports folder selection.
  • A new account can be created directly from the Send to dialog box by pressing the “New User” button.
  • Synthetic bold characters are rendered accurately under Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.
  • The “Print” action assigned to the Paint Shop Pro 6 Image file type works correctly through Windows Explorer.
  • The program will set a default directory if an “Output folder” location is not specified in the Batch Conversion dialog box.
  • A connection issue affecting direct camera support for some Olympus, Fuji, and Polaroid models has been corrected.
Changes in Animation Shop 2.02
  • The Optimization Wizard now blends partially transparent pixels correctly when the document canvas is opaque.
  • Frames are now correctly placed when created via drag and drop from the Paint Shop Pro Browser.




PaintShop Pro 6.0x or
Animation Shop 2.0x
Windows 95/98/2000/NT4

DOWNLOAD PaintShop Pro 6.02 update