Paint Shop Pro 10.10 patch (includes Vista compatibility update)


Important: you must update Paint Shop Pro to 10.03 before applying this patch. Unfortunately, 10.03 will also require you to install the 10.02 and 10.01 patches. All up, you are looking at four patches to download, including this 10.10 update. Install each patch in order – 10.01, 10.02 etc. Click the Graphics button on the left side of this page for the full listing. Paint Shop Pro 10 is also known as Paint Shop Pro X.

From version 10.10, Paint Shop Pro now supports Windows Vista. In other words, it fixes a few bugs in Paint Shop Pro 10 to make it run properly on Vista. Note: the other features of the update apply to all versions of Windows, not just WIndows Vista.According to Corel: “This update adds support for a new feature of certain Lexar memory cards called the Active Memory System. When using cards with this feature, Paint Shop Pro scripts can be uploaded to the card and then used to automatically batch process photos during the download process. For example, copyright data can be added and One Step Photo Fix can be applied, all automatically. In addition, the following fixes are part of this update: corrected a problem introduced in the 10.02 update where RawShooter launches multiple copies of PSP and fixed an issue which caused plug-ins not to load.”




Paint Shop Pro 10.03 (also called Paint Shop Pro X)
Windows Vista, XP or 2000

DOWNLOAD Paint Shop Pro 10.10 patch (includes Vista compatibility update)