Paint Shop Pro 7.04 update (US English)


This patch has benefits that improve the speed and performance of Paint Shop Pro 7. To determine if you have ‘International’ or ‘US’ English, look for the word color/colour. If it is spelt ‘color’, you have the US version, if it is ‘colour’ then it is International English. This patch is only for US English, click here for the International English version. Some of the enhancements include:

  • Layer Palette performance has been significantly improved for faster layer and object management. These performance enhancements are most evident when using the Layer Palette to manipulate images containing several layers and/or vector objects.
  • A progress indicator has been added to program effects when generating previews or proofing changes.
  • The Image Mapper and Image Slicer tools have been updated for easier slice/map boundary selection and definition. Boundary selection requires less precise positioning of the cursor, and the windows now scroll as necessary when defining boundaries.
  • The Clarify and Moire Pattern Removal photo effects have been updated for better performance.
  • The Average, Median, Edge and Texture Preserving Smooth, Manual Color Correction, Salt & Pepper Filter, Histogram Adjustment, and all automatic photo enhancement filters now support transparent layers.
  • The Retouch mode selection droplist is now located on the first tab of the Tool Options palette for easier mode selection.
  • The "Sample merged" option is now available when using the Retouch tool with the Sharpen, Soften, and Emboss retouch modes.
  • The "Paint Shop Pro Folders" special folder options in the Browse for folder dialog box now include a listing for the Shapes folder.
  • A "Create new folder" command has been added to the File menu when a browser window is active. The command will allow the user to create a new folder as a subdirectory of the folder currently being viewed by the browser. A button may be added to the Browser toolbar for this command if desired.



11.3 MB

Paint Shop Pro 7 or Animation Shop 3
US English version only - not International English
Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4

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