Interesting Facts about Windows OS Development

Windows OS Development

There are several opinions about the quality of Windows OS. As in every case with significant developments, there are lovers and haters. Nevertheless, even haters accept this product as a breakthrough that changed the whole world. It’s obvious that such kind of development and non-stop upgrade was accompanied by a lot of mistakes, surprises, and unexpected decisions. The majority of us are users of the Windows OS from Microsoft, so we believe that it is amusing for everyone to discover the evolution of our main software and interesting facts that were related to it.

10+ Facts About Microsoft and Windows you Have to Know

Windows appeared as a result of time and work with other products, that’s why it is a good idea to start our investigation from the facts about the whole company from the very beginning and preceding products. In this case, decisions and results will be more precise.    

  • Microsoft created the first programming language globally for personal PC Altair 8080 based on Altair Basic in 1974. It was the first product of the young company and the early success. 
  • At that time all programmers shared their developments for free, and it was normal. When Bill Gates proposed to sell the new software, it was shocking, but thanks to this decision, the company got the first profit that increased annually. 
  • Microsoft’s first own operating system was MS-DOS, but the company was not a developer of this program. They bought it from Seattle Computers Products and upgraded it a little. As you can understand, they also sell it to the end customers instead of free sharing.
  • As a next step, Microsoft became a developer of the AppleSoft Basic OS. And you can easily recognize a customer of this product. When Apple started its development in those years, Microsoft proclaimed that if Apple does not stop such developments, they will stop selling the license of AppleSoft Basic OS and all Macintoshes become just a heap of microchips.
  • The first OS that was familiar to the common user was Windows NT. It was the start of the Windows era and was developed by Microsoft using all previous knowledge. It was in 1993.
  • The next level in development was Windows 95-98, which included control using a graphic manipulator, which is more known as a mouse. Previously there was only a keyboard, and users were surprised first of all but accepted this innovation quickly because of a huge level of convenience. On the other hand, users of Mac can easily work without a mouse, so it is only a question of OS and a habit.  
  • The beginning of the 90th was also a start of internet and data exchange in the form in which we know it now but much slower. It was one of the biggest mistakes of Microsoft that they did not predict a huge demand for browsers. Microsoft Explorer was a weak program that was sold separately from Windows OS, so they lost this market to the browser Netscape Navigator.
  • To return leadership in the market of browsers, Bill Gates decided to give it for free by adding Explorer to Windows OS. It was a necessary step that attracted a lot of users, but the quality was still poor. Because of this situation, Netscape Navigator almost disappeared, and for a long time, Microsoft, with its Internet Explorer became the most popular because of the lack of competitors. Only in 2004, Mozilla Firefox appeared as a better alternative.
  • The appearance of Windows XP. It was a new word for Microsoft and, probably, the best OS at the beginning of 2000. Microsoft presented a powerful and fast product of the future, and users were in love with it. The Microsoft team created a slogan “Prepare to fly” but changed it to “Yes you can” because of the events of 09/11/2001 year.
  • Versions of Windows 7, 8, Vista, and others were just a continuation of the XP version with modifications and a new design. They also contain more bugs and system mistakes. They also contain special settings that were made for the complication of the work of applications from other developers. For example, some configurations recognize loaded antivirus programs as a virus and delete them. It leads to monopolizing the market, and many small companies go to court to force Microsoft to change their politics.    
  • Microsoft always uses its designers to renew logos and create new ones. They never paid for the outsourcing company for such services.

There are a lot of other interesting facts about the company that was founded in 1975 and became a powerful player in the market of programming development. A lot of scandals and positive events are always around such companies. Employees and founders write books to explain their point of view on happenings and their reasons. But for us as users, the most important thing is that those guys created a world we live in now, and we can’t imagine ourselves out of computers.

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