Delta Force – Xtreme Patch


Delta Force – Xtreme Patch corrects a range of bugs while adding new features greatly that improves the gameplay in both single and multiplayer modes. It includes the following fixes:

  • Multiplayer end-game score screens have been updated to more accurately display the winner of the game, and how the game concluded.
  • References to HUD map in game have been changed from “Spin Map” to “GPS”.
  • Checking “Remember My Login” in Joint Operations on NovaWorld will no longer cause DFX to ‘forget’ your login info.
  • Flashbangs will now function accurately in DM and KOTH.
  • In King of the Hill and Deathmatch the score list will no longer overlap the game information in the lower right hand corner.
  • The crosshair will render more accurately in 1024×768 resolutions.
  • When a player dies, a respawn timer will now appear to indicate how long until a player may spawn.
  • NovaWorld games can now restrict players from servers based on a player’s total number of kills.
  • Deathmatch & King of the Hill games will no longer sort kill list based on experience, but rather on the winner determinant value. In Deathmatch it’s kills, & in King of the Hill its time in zone.
  • Users will now be punted if after entering a server they fail to spawn or provide other input within 6 minutes of joining.
  • Emplaced weapons ammo has been updated to behave in a manner consistent with the rest of the ammo in the game.
  • Re-balanced enemy AI ammo to behave in a manner consistent with the rest of the ammo in the game.
  • The four levels of HUD detail have been re-addressed. There is now Default -> Brief -> Minimal -> None.
  • An option to enable or disable the Experience Reward Sound Effects was added to the Audio options menu.
  • The KOTH Hot Zone now changes colors on the GPS map based on which team has more time in the Hot Zone.
  • In-game changes to video resolution will now produce a confirmation message before applying the changes.
  • There is now a server-side option for "hit feedback". This option defaults to on and is accessible from the game.cfg configurations file. The field name is "hitfeedback".
  • The NovaWorld account Help button has been updated with information.
  • The video options pre-configured settings have been renamed to "Recommended Settings", "Maximum Performance" and "Maximum Detail".
  • The in-game information and scoring screen has been updated to more accurately convey scoring information to the end user.
  • The in-game options menu will no longer run off the screen when in 1024 x 768 resolution.
  • All references to "Sniper" missions have changed to change to "Sniper (Advanced)" missions.
  • Players will now be able to see their total NovaWorld experience points on the HUD while playing in a Nova stat game. More information on this available on the NovaWorld Forums.
  • Host Messages are now subject to a profanity filter.
  • In-game leveling works accurately now.
  • NovaWorld menus and campaign lists will now support advanced and beginner servers for NovaWorld stat games. Inclusion and exclusion rules for these games are based on the number of kills a player has.
  • We now display the user's Total NovaWorld experience points and session experience points (those you have accumulated since logging in) on the HUD in game when playing in a NovaWorld Stat server.
  • Improved ping code to provide more accurate ping times.
  • Fixed "Commander of the Ar" bug - The longer rank titles were being truncated. They now display the full title for in-game leveling and on the stats web pages.





Delta Force - Xtreme


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