Crysis 2 Directx11 Ultra Upgrade


The DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade adds visual improvements by introducing DirectX 11 support and optimized performance upgrades for DirectX 11 platforms as well as support for DirectX 9 APIs.

Updates include:

Tessellation + Displacement Mapping;
Tessellation is in its most basic form the subdivision of a polygon. Whilst this does little to improve graphics, when we add Displacement to the picture we can begin to see real differences. Displacement mapping stores height data allowing vertices to be moved in a direction.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping;
Parallax Occulsion Mapping is an algorithm that encodes surface information within a texture.This usually refers to displacements / heigh-map representations and allows for a reduction in model geometry.

High Quality HDR Post Processing;
HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is the inclusion of a wider exposure range in the same picture. The human eye is capable of processing a wider range than digital devices traditionally can display so HDR aims to selectively mask different exposure levels within the same picture for a higher dynamic range.

Improved Tone Mapping;
Tone mapping approximates HDR imagery by mapping a colour-set to another in a bid to approximate HDR.

Real-Time Local Reflections
Custom Shape Based Bokeh DOF
Improved Water Rendering
Interactive Water
Realistic Shadows with Variable Penumbra
Contact Shadows (SSDO)
High Quality HDR Motion Blur
Particle Motion Blur and Shadows
DX 11 Support + Ultra Spec
Higher Res Textures Free DLC
Improved Multi-GPU Support
New Advanced Graphics Options

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Crysis 2; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

DirectX 11

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