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Java is a very extensive, flexible platform used to write and run applications. Due to Java being very flexible, applications can include anything from mobile-phone games to the programming of Mars Rover; a remotely-controlled vehicle that examines the face of planet Mars.

What’s so special about Java?

All software is written by a programmer using a particular programming language. There is a considerable number of different programming languages each with their own strengths and weaknesses. When the program has been written, it is then compiled into an executable (the .exe file we use to install and run software) by a compiler. The compiler translates the programming code into machine code; instructions to be understood and executed by the CPU.

Java, on the other hand still needs a programmer to write all the code and have it compiled. However, Java code is compiled into bytecode instead of machine code.

Bytecode is not understood by the CPU; it requires a middle-man to do all of the translations. Enter JVM; the Java Virtual Machine. JVM is a 'server' that runs on anything that is Java-enabled; from high-end servers to your home PC, mobile phones and ATMs. The JVM interprets the bytecode and sends the instructions to the CPU. What this accomplishes is that the bytecode can be executed on any platform since the JVM and not the CPU is executing the program. As long as JVM is present, the code can be run.

The JVM is included in the JRE: Java Runtime Environment and is the basic building block of Java.

JRE is the basic Java Runtime Environment and what most people need to download to enable Java on their PCs.

Java SE JRE _ Standard Edition Java Runtime Environment

File Size: 19.26MB

File Name: jre-7-windows-i586.exe

Version: 7

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Java SE JDK - Standard Edition Java Development Kit

File Size: 79.48MB

File Name: jjdk-7-windows-i586.exe

Version: 7

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NetBeans is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used for developing Java applications

File Size: 245MB

File Name: netbeans-7.0.1-ml-windows.exe

Version: 7.0.1

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Java EE SDK - Enterprise Edition Software Development Kit

File Size: 71.39MB

File Name: java_ee_sdk-6u3-windows.exe

Version: 6 Update 3

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Glassfish - An Application Server for Java EE

File Size: 58.66MB

File Name: ogs-3.1.1-windows.exe

Version: 3.1.1

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