5 ways to boost PC performance for non-tech users


Things have come a long way since the old rule, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” In fact, the rule seems to have changed to “Even if it still works, if it’s not performing tops, just replace it.”

“But I like my laptop!” I hear you say, whenever you complain how slow it is and the immediate response from just about anyone is to get a new one. You may like the keyboard placement, the feel of the mouse and keys or the personalisation you gave it (and dread having to set up all over again!). Or you simply want to carry on using it because you got used to it and, after all, it’s not broken yet, is it? We get that. And we have good news for you!

Even if you are no techy and get only as far as simple usage of common computer programs and Internet browsing, you can follow these five simple steps to effectively service your laptop at home. Furthermore, I recommend a great tool to maintain your computer’s performance on a day-to-day basis. Not bad, huh? After you’ve read this article, you’ll be the one laughing.

5 tips to bring your laptop back to life

What to do and how Powersuite by Uniblue can help you.

1. Maintain your hard disk

Start with shutting down and restarting your PC properly. I see that puzzled look on your face. What is the sense in this? It is easy to snap shut the screen of the laptop without a second thought and let it sleep instead of shutting down, especially knowing that you also save yourself the startup time when you return. This is fine for some situations, but not all the time! The shutdown and restart process helps your computer manage information and optimise it for better performance. The poor thing gets bogged down with an overload of piling up information and becomes sluggish if you don’t give it a little shut eye too!

2. Delete unwanted files

Clean junk files, duplicates and old backups to clear disk space and optimise your hard drive for faster file access. Have you ever been through your files to clear out old and junk files? When your PC becomes cluttered, taking up valuable space on your hard drive, it slows down. You can clear them up manually by painstakingly going through all your folders – a very time consuming job – or you can apply your new PC assistant, Powersuite, to run a free analysis to identify junk files and old backups. It can also remove them effectively and compress large files to gain space.

3. Clear out obsolete programs and apps

Programs and apps also use up a lot of valuable space on your hard drive. If you are using the program, then it’s a good compromise, but it is likely that you also have several programs you don’t use, which just sit there taking up useful space. Get rid of unnecessary programs and apps by using the Add and Remove Programs feature on your PC’s Control Panel and uninstalling programs you recognise as unneeded from the list provided. Be careful not to remove programs which you do not recognise as they may be important for your PC’s proper function, while others cannot be uninstalled as they are part of the factory settings.

4. Optimize settings and resource management

If your PC startup takes over 1 minute, your PC is shouting for help. It is likely that multiple programs are opening on startup, slowing the startup time considerably. Furthermore, they probably keep running in the background, using up a lot of memory and slowing your computer’s performance. What to do to capitalise on your PC’s resources? Powersuite’s free scan will identify the apps and programs causing slow down so that you can take action. It can also remove the issues for you and apply effective speed tools to boost speed and tweak settings for improved responsiveness.

5. Update your software and drivers

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to keep optimal performance so proceed with any software updates. Run security scans to protect against viruses, spyware and malware – this patches up any security glitches and also improves the functionality and speed of your PC. Furthermore, Powersuite can provide the latest driver updates to enhance hardware function and efficiency.

How to make your PC maintenance quick and easy with Powersuite by Uniblue

The manual instructions may seem tedious, even daunting, but Powersuite by Uniblue makes it quick and easy to do! Download Powersuite now and scan your computer for free! The scan reveals any issues and what they are. While this will assist you making the necessary adjustments manually, buying the paid version of Powersuite will fix the issues for you – you don’t have to waste your precious time to save time!