4 Best Free Google SEO Tools


The digital world has become our second home: we spend hours surfing the web, reading, doing research. For example, a user is searching for free online casino slots. Does he open the links that pop up on the first page, or does he go further? Obviously, he goes for the top links, but do you know why they appear in that rank? It’s all because of SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a set of measures designed to increase the site’s visibility in search engines for specific search queries. Certain algorithms help the website developers and marketers to increase the ranking and be visible to readers. We will discuss the 4 top free SEO tools that can help you with marketing your business.


Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to forecast demand and analyze seasonality and trends for free. The tool can also help with the monitoring of market trends, the geography of product interest, and the level of recognition of the company and competitors. You can also keep an eye on the information field and be aware of emerging trends. The service will assist a multi-brand online store in identifying popular product categories and brands, a news portal in creating an agenda, and any company in comparing itself to competitors.

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a Google keyword selection tool for creating new or expanding existing Google AdWords contextual advertising campaigns in the search network. It’s in the “Tools” section – “Keyword Planner.” You can use the service to:

  • Search for keywords by keyword, site, or category
  • Select keys based on existing ones;
  • Analyze statistics for specific words;
  • Forecast the number of impressions and clicks on key queries at various rates and budgets;
  • Obtain forecasts for current campaigns and account requests

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a Google service designed for webmasters and optimizers that allows you to analyze user behavior on your site. The collected data is stored on a Google remote server. To connect to the system, simply place a small piece of JavaScript code on the site’s pages. There are both free and paid features in the service. The free version of GA can analyze 5 million pages per month, which is sometimes insufficient to get a comprehensive picture of the sites. As a result, most people will eventually resort to using the paid Premium version. However, the free version is well enough for the basic needs of the website.

Data Studio 

Google Data Studio is a service for data visualization. Let’s assume we have a specific set of data that is stored in a table, a database, or an internet service from which this data can be obtained. To put it simply, we have a collection of data. The Google Data Studio service was created to process this data and display it in a format that is easy for people to understand, such as graphs, tables, charts, indicators, and so on. This is the primary function of the Google Data Studio service: to take data from somewhere, from some sources, and to transform this data set into graphical form.

Google by being Google, offers a bunch of free tools that can turn your website into a top-ranking search query. It only sounds difficult, but once you get into the groove, you’ll see how fun it is. These tools are easy to use and simple to navigate. On top of that, there are a bunch of tutorials on how to use them. With that being said, you can boost your marketing skills and learn a lot of new things. All in all, SEO is a powerful tool, that can help you more than you can imagine.