WinSpy Index.dat Viewer 2


The WinSpy index.dat viewer lets you read the contents of your index.dat files (it’s free and a small download). If you are not familiar with these files, don’t be surprised – they are hidden on your computer. Windows uses index.dat files to organise data on your system. They reside in the Cookies, History and Internet Explorer’s cache folders. This presents two problems: Index.dat files can grow quite large and as they increase in size, they tend to be bogged down with unneeded data – making them less efficient. Secondly, snoops can recover the index.dat file and read details such as your History, even though the items may have already been ‘deleted’ from the History folder. .

Don’t take out word for it – try it yourself. Here’s how:

  • Download the Index.dat viewer
  • Delete your History (in Internet Explorer go to Tools-Internet Options and click the Clear History option at the bottom right of the Window)
  • In Windows Explorer, go to the History folder and confirm there is nothing listed (the location of this folder varies, use the Windows Find/Search tool with ‘History’ as a search term).
  • Run Index.dat Viewer and read or export(!) your ‘deleted’ History items.
  • Run Tracks Eraser Pro, then try to read the files again with the index.dat viewer – you should find the listings are now completely gone.




Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2008

DOWNLOAD WinSpy Index.dat Viewer 2