Java Virtual Machine 6 update 23 (full standalone package)


This latest release of Sun’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM) can be used to update an earlier version or install the entire JVM for the first time. Version 6 adds support for Windows 7. This is the standalone package – you download a single file that can be run: at any time, used on multiple machines, or new installation of Windows.

Note: The other way to install the Sun JVM requires a computer to be connected to the Web and then use ‘active download’ where a smaller downloading program updates your system. This process means you can’t backup the file you download, plus you can’t use it multiple PCs. That’s why the standalone package is a better option. This complete download should also help avoid error codes such as: 1305, 2755, 1606 and a bunch of others that are all a result of incomplete/corrupted downloads.

Note: This release also fixes several critical security holes found in the software. Sun advises all users to update the JVM immediately.

JVM allows you to run programs called 'applets' inside your Web browser. Applets are mini-programs written in the Java language specifically to run within a Web browser. Many, though not all, web browsers come with support for applets built in. By downloading this update, you will be ensured that you have the latest release which, most importantly, contains fewer security holes and is generally more stable.




Windows Vista/XP/2000

DOWNLOAD Java Virtual Machine 6 update 23 (full standalone package)