Microsoft Office 97 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Patch


The Microsoft Office 97 Service Pack 2 (SP2b) address a large number of bugs in the Office suite. It provides support for the Euro curreny, addresses a range of Y2K issues and adds some new – but minor – functionality such as improved format converters. It is also a requirement of many Mirosoft security and Y2K fixes. SP2 was released in September 98, but disappeared shortly afterwards due to a buggy installation routine. It resurfaced again in Novermber 98 as SR-2a – with no additional features – but with improved installation reliabity. A year later SP2b appeared – but this has a catch: if you have SR-2a on your PC, it can’t be removed unless you uninstall Office. However, you can’t install SP2b over the top of SP2a. Luckily, SP2b differs from SP2a in only two small ways: an Outlook Import/Export Date patch and the inclusion of Jet SP3 (a database optimiser).

If you have SP2a and want to update at SP2b, then download the Outlook Date Import/Export patch and Jet Sevice Pack 3 (these links will take you deep into Microsoft’s site where you can read more about these patches and find download links). If you don’t have 2a, simply download SR-2b above.




Microsoft Office 97 (English Version).
Windows 95/98, NT4 SP3 or higher.
Microsoft Office 97 Service Release 1 (SR-1) Patch.

DOWNLOAD Microsoft Office 97 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Patch