Medal of Honor Breakthrough 2.4 patch


This latest patch for Medal of Honor Breakthrough expansion pack includes new maps, skins, bug fixes and improvements. It can be applied only to the retail version of Medal of Honor Spearhead 2 expansion pack (and not the demo). It features:

New Maps

Stueckguter “mp_ship_lib” (deathmatch, liberation, objective mode) – The Allies have boarded an Axis cargo ship carrying V2 rockets and other armaments to southern Italy. The primary objective of the mission is to seize the boat and its occupants before it even leaves the dock. However, the Axis forces were tipped off to the Allies plan, sealed the outside doors to the ship, ambushed them from inside, and now a fierce battle rages inside the ship.

Bizerte Fortress “mp_bizertefort_obj” (deathmatch, objective mode) – This is the old brick and mason city of Bizerte. The style is distinctly Muslim with arches and domes throughout. Building-to-building fighting rages thru the city streets as the Allied forces attempt to drive out the Axis soldiers.

Six New Skins
  • US - General Wheathers
  • US - II Corps Tank Commander
  • US - II Corps Infantry
  • UK - 10th Corps
  • UK - 8th Army
  • IT - Paratrooper
New Weapon
  • Italian Heavy Machine Gun - Breda replaces STG for Italian skins.
Bug Fixes
  • Modheight2 command added for mod makers.
  • Axis side in objective mode on the Palermo map should be easier. They were previously nearly impossible to complete.
  • Mine laying on the beach in Anzio works.
  • When players vote by entering cvars (like frag count or time) entering in a bogus value (like "-9999") will be rejected instead of changing to some non-intuitive number. This also fixes some problems with exploits causing servers to loop.
  • Improved functionality when using rcon commands with variables with spaces (e.g. "Jack Skelington" would only process as "Jack").
  • Banning rifles now works - unless all weapons have been banned, then rifles will be unbanned.
  • Reloadmap can only be done as a server side command.
  • cl_playintro no longer causes problems with sv_pure.
  • Land sharking (aka Butt scoot; aka crab walk) fixed.
  • Level 1_3, m_Anzio, and m_Palermo have been recompiled with map fixes.
  • A player selecting mines now gets more pistol ammo. Optionally, servers can set an option "g_rifles_for_sweepers 1" to add a rifle to the minedetector loadout (and no extra pistol ammo).
  • Setting a game to g_no_seasick will disable the swaying camera in mp_ship. Changing this setting requires a map restart.





Medal of Honor Breakthrough expansion pack


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