PhotoRec File Recovery 6.14 (free version for Mac OS X)


It is interesting that a program designed to run on a Mac is as basic and unattractive as PhotoRec File Recovery. Mind you, few people care about the attractiveness of their car mechanic, as long as the job gets done, and gets it done well. You can’t argue with the price PhotoRec File Recovery (it’s free), nor the fact that this file recovery program does exactly what it says it will do: recover or undelete files that were lost, damaged or accidentally deleted on a Mac system (Mac OS X only). It can be used to recover files such as photos, music, video, Word or other office and system files. Plus the program operates at the underlying data level – this means that it can perform data recovery on disks or memory cards that have been reformatted or partially damaged. Free, and simple – there is not much you want from a file recovery program.

'File recovery on Mac OS X' by 2macya
Not only did this program save my photos but it did it for free.

'Woo hoo' by Datam
I accidentally deleted the final draft of an assignment at 3am. Panic, almost tears, but the file recovery worked in a few minutes.

'Photos are now undeleted' by Nedster12
It woz like someone gives you a second chance to undo a stoopid mistake. Yeah it's a bit ugly.

'I love my Mac but sometimes I don't' by CapricornCancer
My Mac is like a friend and one day it did something bad. It lost a whole bunch of my files. With this file recovery program, we are best buddies again.



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Mac OS X

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