Hidden and Dangerous 2 1.03 patch


This latest patch for Hidden and Dangerous 2 includes bug fixes and improvements. It can be applied only to the retail version of Hidden and Dangerous 2 (and not the demo). It features:

Single player

  • The command ‘Find Cover’ has been adjusted.
  • Several AI improvements.
  • In Operation Snowball – Scout, a vanishing barrel and doors colliding with boxes and stands have been fixed.
  • In Operation Nomad – Spaghetti Airport, an invisible crate and a problem concerning the documents have been fixed; furthermore, when the plane takes off, its explosives placement position hides itself.
  • Occasional player respawn problems have been fixed
  • After destroying any vehicle in a deathmatch map it reappears after 40 seconds like it does in all occupation maps.
  • Several crash issues have been fixed.
  • Multiplayer character choice adjustments (30 characters for the Allies, 30 for the Axis).
  • The same servers are no longer displayed twice after refreshing the server browser screen.
  • Centring on the selected server in the server browser screen has been cancelled.
  • In the Africa1_objective map, a new spawnpoint for the Allies has been added by the plane, several crates have been added all around the airport, Allies cannot select sniper rifles in the equipment menu in this map.
  • In the Burma1_objective map, bunker loop holes have been adjusted, one occupation zone has been removed, another access path has been added, documents return to the original position in 15 seconds after being dropped to the ground.
  • In the Czech6_occupation map, border collisions have been moved inwards and the starting position of the Krupp vehicle by the bunker has been adjusted.
  • In the Alps1_occupation map, more access paths have been created and there have been some terrain adjustments and spawnpoint replacements.
  • Panzerfausts and bazookas have been banned in all multiplayer maps without vehicles.
  • You can now knife any player even while he is using a static weapon.
  • Using rifles with optics balancing has been addressed.
Other improvements
  • An animation engine crash has been fixed.
  • A crash due to invalid shot collisions has been fixed.
  • A problem involving the immobility of a soldier being healed by a medic who was killed (singleplayer + multiplayer) has been fixed.
  • Several text fixes.





Hidden and Dangerous 2 (running on Windows)


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