Skype 5 – free VOIP, Video and Internet Phone Call Software


Using your current Internet connection it is possible to make free Internet phones calls. All you need is special software that allows you to use VOIP (for those that love geeky terms, this stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol). VOIP lets you talk to other users over the Web and, depending on your phone system and number dialled, allows computers to call normal telephones. From version 3.0, Skype improves audio quality, features video calls and has a connect with the world option on Skype Public Chats.

VOIP uses your existing internet connection to send and receive the calls. If you have a generous download limit from your ISP it means that calls to anywhere in the world will generally be free. In some cases there is a charge when talking on normal phone handsets – this is because they need to plug into the local telephone exchange at some point. It can still work cheaper because the connection usual occurs at the local exchange, so you can make long distance calls at the lower local rates. Keep in mind that VOIP is so young that you’ll need to look carefully at the costs and its limitations. Skype is free, so you can give it a go. At minimum you’ll be able to talk with other Skype users across the world and as more VOIP exchanges appear, this will slowly generate new free ways to make calls.




Windows XP/Vista

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