CorelDRAW 11 Service Pack 2 (SP2)


This update for CorelDRAW 11 can be applied to either a new installation of CorelDRAW or a previously patched version. It includes all earlier fixes such as those contained in Service Pack 1. In other words, if you are updating CorelDRAW for the first time, you don’t need to install SP1 first – just download and run the SP2 update. If you have SP1 already, you can also use this update. SP2 includes the following fixes:

  • SVG Export Issues Corrected in Service Pack 1
  • Fixed Japanese characters now export correctly to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format.
  • The transparent background option is now available when exporting to TIFF format.
  • Transparent backgrounds now export correctly to Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.
  • Text layers are no longer truncated or omitted when exporting files from CorelDRAW 11 to Corel PHOTO-PAINT (CPT) format.
  • Layers and lenses now export correctly to Adobe Photoshop (PSD) format. Text layers are no longer truncated or omitted when exporting files from CorelDRAW 11 to PSD format.
  • In Corel PHOTO-PAINT 11, masks defining transparency information are no longer lost when exporting or saving to GIF format.
  • Service Pack 1 contains improvements to globalization support within text input for Latin- and Asian-language operating systems.
  • Service Pack 1 has also corrected a stability issue that occurred while copying a CorelDRAW (CDR), Corel R.A.V.E. (CLK), or Corel PHOTO-PAINT (CPT) file from Windows Explorer to an Iomega ZIP drive.
  • Support for PDF/X1-a and PDF/X-3 support has been added to the Publish to PDF dialog. They are found in the PDF Style dropdown.
  • Embedding a Proportional Japanese font in a PDF file no longer results in an invalid PDF file. A font substitution no longer takes place when embedding the non-proportional Mincho Japanese font in a PDF file. Fixed extended characters now appear correctly in PDF files.
  • CorelDRAW will now import files created by Corel Grafigo.




CorelDRAW 11, Corel PHOTO-PAINT 11 or
CorelDRAW 11 Graphics Suite
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

DOWNLOAD CorelDRAW 11 Service Pack 2 (SP2)